Say Something – What’s Your Business Message

We have come to the end of Black History Month in October.  There has been a plethora of activity to celebrate, educate, inform and inspire. I was fortunate to go and see in the West End the ‘Get Up Stand Up’ play about the life, love and of course the music of Bob Marley.  It was phenomenal.

Seeing his life set to music and stage brought home how he lived up to his middle name ‘Nesta’, which means wise messenger.  What struck me was his conviction, commitment and connection to Jai (the Rastafarian God) to take his message to the world. Through the trials and tribulations, he honed his musical craft and developed a message, that gave people hope, pride, respect  and a sense of identity. Although there was monetary gain his message was more than money, for it embodied his heart and soul. So, what is your business’s message to the world that could transform someone’s life for the better?


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