Hi I'm Linda.

I am a Web Marketer and Business Coach.  I foundered 3Cs Digital to help women small business owners just like you!  I am passionate about equipping and supporting women with the digital know how and skills to start and grow successful small businesses.  So, let's get to work on starting and developing your business journey online. 

Why I am in Business?

3Cs Digital is in the business of getting and unleashing your business potential online through web design, copywriting, content marketing and social media marketing services to grow your business income and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.   

Having set up a small business from idea to start-up before, I know what it is like first-hand to be Jill of all trades,  but only having time for some! I can appreciate the anxiety and stress that using or developing a skill that you are not an expert in can bring. 

Take digital marketing, key to developing and growing your business.  If you don't have a marketing experience to fall back on, don't know where to start or simply don't have the time to get your digital marketing materials together, 3Cs Digital can save you the time, energy and worry in designing and writing content for your website and/or social media.

What is my experience? 

I have over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing which includes working for big brand organisations such as Waitrose, Heinz and Lactalis McLelland UK. 

However, over the last 7 years, I have worked in the education space at elite business schools in world renowned universities and at high achieving secondary schools.  

At these institutions, I was the first person in post (think intrapreneur) to set up and develop their online presence, to increase awareness of their business brand; and communicate their unique offering and values in order to attract their ideal customers, students.  During my time there I delivered digital projects that I can also deliver for you:

  • Website redesigns
  • Web copywriting/editing
  • New social media channels 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Social Media Management

I love using the power of words to connect people to great products and services that can bring them happiness, joy and/or transform their lives for the better. I truly believe that digital technologies are a gateway to life-changing opportunities not only for customers but small business owners too.


As someone who loves all things marketing and entrepreneurial, I put my experience to work to develop my own knowledge and skills. I hold a industry recognised  Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) professional qualification.   I studied a postgrad in entrepreneurship from Cambridge Judge Business School in which I got a first! So, some might say I know a thing or two about building a business from idea to income.  I am also a Google  certified digital marketer. 

What are my passions and beliefs?

I believe in everyday entrepreneurship. People having entrepreneurship as part of their career toolbox, especially women. For you never know when you might need to start up a business or side hustle to jump start a career, change jobs, bring in additional income and/or create flexibility so that you can be a present parent. 

People are living longer so we have to be innovative in how we sustain a long career. That is why I believe in passing on the gift of entrepreneurship to the younger generation. 


I have utilised my teaching experience and PGCE qualification from UCL, Institute of Education, University of London with over 7-years’ experience in mentoring and coaching.  Volunteering as a business mentor and digital marketing skills coach in for example Russell Group universities and charitable organisations including, The Princes Trust.

What do I want for you?

Entrepreneurship for me is about freedom. The freedom to be paid to be yourself and to have social and economic control over your life. That is why 3Cs Digital is an inclusive organisation and welcomes projects from female founders and entrepreneurs who are older women, from BAME communities and/or serve diverse communities. 

By working with you to start or grow your business and personal income, I want you to feel empowered to strive for the financial freedom and choices that you desire. For when women earn more they can give more and make a positive difference to their families, communities and society as a whole.  

So, whether yours is a small, boutique, medium, a side hustle, freelance or a social enterprise business, 3Cs Digital is here to help.

Come on what are you waiting for…

"Let's Unleash your Business Potential Online."