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New Year, Better You: Goal Setting

Welcome,to 2023 and Happy New Year. Yes, we are in January that time of the year where we go about goal setting. How can we make the process simple so we stick to it?

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Books for Health, Wealth and Happiness 2023

So, as we are in the season of wishing people health, wealth and happiness for the fast-approaching year, here are three books in each category to put you and/or your family in the zone and frame of mind for the year ahead.

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Could you be an Intrapreneur?

When we think of entrepreneurship what pops to mind are women that start-up and build businesses. However, what of those who are entrepreneurial inside organisations? All hail the intrapreneur.

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Women in Business Making HERstory

Black women throughout history have been founding businesses and transforming industries and lives. So, who are the Black British women making bold moves and making history or should I say HERstory in business? #BHM

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