Lets Do Digital: Why women over 40 need to get on the right side of the digital divide

I recently got talking to a woman who asked me what I do; and I explained that I am a webpreneur. She then replied and said, ‘ooh digital marketing, I am much too old to learn that.’

For a seasoned professional she’s probably utilising ‘ digital marketing skills' without realising it by using email at work; Facebook at home; and WhatsApp with family and friends.

Of course, I replied that you are never too old to learn, as I am a case in point. However, her comment did take me a back and got me thinking about the digital divide.

We are all aware of the gender and ethnicity pay gap but digital literacy is a currency too in which the pandemic accelerated the economic importance of ‘clicks’ over ‘bricks’; and the move into a ‘contactless’ and ‘paperless’ world.

For the younger generation organisations such as Stemettes, Women Who Code and the Sky Engineering Academy are doing a fantastic job in supporting girls into the lucrative side of tech, which tends to be the back end and is still dominated by men.

However, what of the working women who is over 40 with 20 or 30 more years of work in front of her? Having to get to grips with digital marketing and literacy for business and/or for work even though she does not carry the job title of ‘digital marketer’ is an economic necessity not a luxury.

Clearly, there is a gender and age gap in digital coupled with a confidence gap too that needs to be addressed for women over 40. The social and economic benefits would be far reaching for them, their families and wider society too if we met their digital needs. 


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