The 3Cs Digital Shop 

is officially open on Etsy!

Are you a woman in business?

New to digital marketing?   

Get in the know on what you don’t know 

by downloading web marketing resources 

straight to your device.


All too often women are consumers of digital technologies i.e. web and social media content when in fact we should be monetizing it for our own gain. 

Digital skills are the new economic currency

and you can’t do business without it.

Therefore, as women we must actively engage in utilising digital technologies by being content producers and tech savvy for monetary success.

For when women earn more, they can give more to themselves, their families and others.

But Linda I hear you say...

  •        I don’t have a digital marketing background
  • don’t have the tech skills and expertise
  •    I don’t even understand the terminology  

Don’t worry the 3Cs Digital Shop is here to help you navigate your brave new world of digital marketing.

Why did I set up the 3Cs Digital shop on Etsy?

To provide you with affordable and accessible resources 

that aims to: 

  •  Educate you on how to set up and develop your small business’s presence online.

  • Empower you with the knowledge that you need to do your digital marketing yourself or hire someone else so that you can talk ‘tech’ and move from ‘don’t know’ to ‘know how’.

  • Equip you with tried and tested digital marketing toolkits and templates that you can download and use straight away.

Check out our new toolkits and templates in
web design, web copywriting and website audits.


Download these Web Marketing Resources 

straight to your device.

So, come on what are you waiting for...


PS. More resources on social media marketing to follow shortly so watch this space!