Your Health is Your Wealth

I had an accident on a bus which resulted in head and multiple injuries. Now living with the ongoing pain and discomfort that this accident has brought means I cannot do everything that I want or could do so I have to re-evaluate  how I use my time; re-evaluate what I can physically do and re-evaluate my goals due to this unfortunate disruptive episode.

Accidents and injuries stop you in your tracks,  force you to take stock and re-assess your current and future situation. The latter is the hardest piece because it requires a mindset shift. As my mum would say when something bad happens get something good out of it. However, this requires digging deep, getting out of the pity party for one and finding a way to comeback, bigger, better and stronger.

Not only do you have to physically recover,  but you also have to mentally believe that you can overcome this setback. A metaphor for dealing with the difficulties and unexpected twist and turns of business and life. However, I do appreciate that for some, life changing and altering injuries may not lead to recovery.

For others though, could we draw inspiration from elite athletes who have been taken out by injuries but have come back to win gold?  Most notably, Dame Kelly Holmes (Middle Distance Athlete), Dina Asher-Smith (Sprinter) and Erin Kennedy (Rower).  Behind their comeback  triumphs is not only the mindset desire to win and fulfil their goals, but they also have a team of people helping them along the way too. So, here’s to getting the help and support needed to rest, recover and re-evaluate; and to develop a positive mind over matter mindset.


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