You are your Habits: Starting and Sticking to New Routines

Over the last 16 months we have had to be flexible and adaptable in the way we live and work in response to COVID-19. However, when starting and developing a business some activities have to become routine. So how do you muster up the energy and enthusiasm to do stuff that does not light you up, but you have to get the job done? The Coaching Academy argues that there are four ways to develop good habits: start small, start habit-stacking, start triggering your good habits and start every day. What does each entail?


1.Start small

When developing new routines and habits start small and be consistent. Got to do your expenses? Business admin? Sales calls? Set a short limit (I like the power half an hour – 30 mins) to get the job done or do a bit every day. Either way do it small and do it often and reward yourself for doing it. After all small steps lead to giant leaps.


2. Start habit-stacking 

Think of this as multi-tasking. Is there something you already do in the day that you could integrate your new habit into? For example, do you journal in the morning? Could you identify 3 positive tasks that need to be completed by the end of the day.  Scroll through your social media? Instead of consuming content, could you curate content by retweeting?  Get the idea?

3.Start triggering your good habits

All habits start with a trigger so how could you set up your new routine in a way that would get you to act in the easiest possible way? For example, want to read a business book? Put it by your bedside or on the coffee table in your sight. Want to do a work-out and listen to a business podcast in the morning? Lay out your workout clothes, trainers and headphones the night before. These cues are triggers for you to act and develop your new habit.


4. Start every day

They say it takes about 90 days for a habit to anchor and form. New habits are especially hard to stick to in the first 30 days.  That is why a little bit but often is more likely to bring about lasting change than an all or nothing approach. Every day is a new day, so every day is a new opportunity to implement the new habit.  So, if you have a bad day, tomorrow carpe diem – seize the day.



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