Working towards your goals for 2022: Motivation, Mindset and Memories

Here we are in January 2022 with the whole year stretched in front of us.  The holidays were an opportunity to take stock of what, when and who is important. Then some of us may have set a business and life goals. 

 However, when we get to the end of the year, we may find that we are either far away from where we want to be, getting pretty close or on the money! Circumstances may blow us of course; and/or the unexpected twists and turns of life may result in setbacks or putting things on hold. 

So, how can we bounce back during the course of the year and find the patience, perseverance and passion to keep heading towards our dreams and goals? Firstly, we need to give ourselves grace and celebrate what we have done. Then rest, review and restart with a little help from the 3M’s:


1.       Motivation – Although we may be committed to our goal, being motivated to keep going; and consistent in taking small steps to make giant leaps, is at times easier said than done. To motivate us we really need a strong Why to what and who we are doing our business and life goals for. A crystal-clear vision and mission that we can keep in our minds eye, vision board and/or a set of affirmations can act as daily reminders of our future-selves. If we do get stuck, we can always call on a friend, mentor, business and/or life coach to hold us to account; or change the goal. For it might be what others want for us and not what we want for ourselves.


2.       Mindset -There is a saying that you have to ‘believe to receive’ and that is why it is important to have a vision for your business and life. Coupled with taking action, we need to have the right mindset for the journey ahead. Having an attitude of gratitude and taking on the lessons of what John. C. Maxwell calls ‘Failing Forward’ helps us to develop what Dr Carol Dweck calls a ‘Growth Mindset’. By reframing where we are and what we learn from life’s lessons we can take the stepping-stones to our goals and dreams


3.       MemoriesCan you think of time when you triumphed over adversity? Reached a long-standing goal? Exceeded expectation? How did it make you feel? What did you do? What resources and people did you galvanise to achieve this? Remembering the person that you were when you achieved a goal can help us establish who we need to be to achieve the next. For if we have done it once or many times before, we can use those achievements and memories to cement our identities as achievers, doers and completers.

It is 2022, so here’s to a New Year, New You. 


Want to know more?

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