Who’s on your list? Building email into your web marketing activity

Congratulations your small business is open for business online. You own your website and earned your social media. It’s great that social media can be used to raise your brand profile. However, have you thought about optimising it to build your email list?  Increasing the amount of digital assets that you own can help to mitigate the potential risk of losing that connection and vital data that you have with existing and potential customers. So, this is where email marketing comes in.

Email marketing is an online channel for which a business can promote its services and products to current and potential customers. In exchange for a person’s name and email address a business must produce content that is of a value to an existing or potential customer. In short, email marketing is a tool for content marketing.

So how do you know what type of content people want or will subscribe to? The most common and popular method of obtaining email addresses is by having an e-newsletter. However, have you thought about creating a Lead Magnet? You know for example a:

·       How to guide

·       E-book

·       White paper

·       Checklist

·       Cheat Sheet

PDF’s to help your audience develop and grow their business. To research some topic ideas, you could:

·       Look at the social media and website of people in your industry

·       Make a note of what customers ask you to do for them on social media and offline

·       Test topic ideas with social media polls and quizzes

·       Test your lead magnet on social media, note the engagement/ analytics then tweak accordingly

All in all, lead magnets help to establish your authority and disseminate your thought leadership in you chosen field, while also helping to build your email list. So, what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get creative.

Want to know more?

Listen to Amy Porterfield’s Podcast titled: How to grow your email list using social media here

Looking for an email marketing tool to use? Check out MailChimp, Leading Pages or Sumo for starters to get a feel for the market.

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