Where’s my data? Two Big Changes in Digital Marketing That You Need to Know

Digital Marketing is always changing but there are some changes that have a wider and universal impact that could stop you in your marketing tracks. Literally! So, what are the current two substantial changes digital marketers need to be aware?


1). Changes to Mobile Privacy Settings  

Do you do Facebook advertising? Google AdWords, Display or YouTube Marketing? Have you noticed that when you choose options (e.g., interests, education, hobbies, job title etc) for your target audience you may be restricted or the options that you chose before to define your target audience may no longer exist? 

Well, this may in part due to the Apple mobile IOS 14 allowing users to have more control over who gets to see their location and browsing data on apps and websites. In other words, Apple users will be able to opt out of sharing their location and web / app browsing history.  

Why is this important? With well over 50% of people using mobile first, as Apple Mobile users will now have to actively opt in this change in third party cookie data (collecting user data from a third party) means that marketers will no longer have carte blanche access to rich data that can build up a picture of audiences online behaviour (without revealing personal information that identifies them).  

As digital marketers, even though paid online advertising will still have a place in our armour, building your own email list , collecting user data via your website and conducting surveys are examples of owned media that can help generate first party data ( information a company collects directly from its customers and owns). 


2) Changes to Google Analytics  

Is your website linked to Google Analytics? If so, the tag that connects the two together is a Universal or UA ID code to help generate your google analytics data.  

However, if you want Google to keep tracking your website data from 1 July 2023 then you need to switch over to the new GA ID tracking code also known as Google Analytics 4 (Google’s new measurement solution) before the 1 July 2023. Why has Google introduced this?

  • To address the new privacy changes and be durable for the future
  • Intelligent, using machine learning to unearth insights about the customer journey across platforms and devices
  • Enhanced, seamless integrations with Google's advertising platforms to optimize campaign performance and drive greater marketing Return on Investment ( ROI)

To find out how and why to switch over from UA to GA Tracking ID read more here .

NB. If you have a website builder/CMS platform like Fasthosts, GoDaddy, WordPress etc call your technical team for advice for it may not support the new GA Tracking ID.


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