What’s My Why? Having Goals with Intention and Purpose

It’s new year and you have set your goal, now what? Before you rush out and develop a plan, why is it that you want to achieve this goal? It is not unheard of for people to achieve their goal and have the feeling of success but still something is missing. Yes, that dawning feeling that you may have propped your ladder on the wrong career or life wall!  However, all action gives you feedback that help get you closer to where you need and want to go.

However, when we set a goal whose goal is it? We are born into a world of ‘you should do this’, ‘you should do that’ and we have other people’s voices and expectations in our head e.g. mum, dad, teachers, friends extended family etc. To own the goal and know it is ours (and not the voice of others) we need to understand our WHY. Why is this goal important to me? Why do I want to achieve it?

For example, say you want to start a side business. When you achieve this goal how would it positively impact on your life?   Would it afford you to have the:

  • freedom you desire to do work that you love
  • flexibility to spend more time with your family
  •  financial income to exercise the life choices that you want for you and/or your family

These are your PERSONAL reasons why you want to have a side business. What are the reasons why for the customer that you will serve? What are you on a mission to do? For example : 

  • inspire and empower women to set up their life and career on their terms
  • give people affordable bespoke clothing to express their personality
  • help people own their music and creative outputs

It is the WHY’s that will you give the passion and enthusiasm of ‘I must do this’ , I must do that’ to propel you forward , fulfill your potential, become a better version of yourself.   To sustain you through the journey of striving to achieve the goal, you need to know and understand why you want this and how it will positively change yours and other people’s lives.


Want to know more?

You could read the book *The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion* by Ella Luna or listen to her YouTube video of the same name here