What is your Unique Value?

Lockdown has forced us all to think, rethink and in some cases restart our business, work or career. When we are re-evaluating parts of our working life the personal development mantra seems to be:  'Find your life purpose'! 'Work out what you were made for'!; and if it is the second half of your life, what will the second act be?  However, how do you know what the ‘reason for this work season’ should be and how do you go about finding your unique value to the world.  

In her podcast Leveling Up: Creating Everything from Nothing, Natalie Jill (Weight Loss Expert) interviewed Lisa Sasevich , the author of the recently published book titled: ‘Meant for More’.  Lisa talked through her ‘Meant for More’ formula on how to serve others with what you know.   

Her stepped process involves:  

  • Starting with acknowledging your feelings of wanting to make a difference and knowing that you have worth and value that can make a real difference to the lives of people and organisations
  • Discovering what is your unique value by digging deep on questions like: what has your formal education and school of hard knocks designed you for that you have overcome and could teach others?  What comes easy to you to do that other people find difficult? What do you bring to the table in your career and life?
  • Noticing what people pick your brains about.  What topics or areas of life do they come to you for advice on? Clues as to what your unique gifts are.


Want to Know More?

Listen to the Leveling Up Podcast titled ‘ Bringing out your passions during this pandemic with Natalie Jill here.   If you want to delve deeper into the process you can also buy a copy of the book ‘Meant for More’ by Lisa Sasevich from Amazon or wherever you buy your books.



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