What is your superpower? Get known for the expert you are.

In business ‘people buy from people’. Therefore, you are not just selling your products and/or services but also yourself. In being known for a specific topic, product or service it makes it easier for people to remember you and it also gives them a reference/entry point into buying products or services from your business. For example, Oprah’s superpower is personal development. It is the common thread that weaves through all her different products and services e.g. Oprah TV, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast, O Magazine.    

So how do you know what your superpower is?

  • What topics do you talk about or research with passion and intensity that time flies?
  • What do you do or make that feels natural to you and has you operating at a level of mastery where no one can hold a candle to your unique skills and talents?
  • What do people complement you on, thank you for and/or willing pay you to do? 

When you tune into and drill down to what your superpower is, how can you broadcast it to the world? Become a thought leader on LinkedIn? Write PR and Press articles? Start a blog? Write a book? Speak on stage? Do a TED Talk?  Whatever, you decide to do, it all helps to develop your personal brand which will have a positive halo effect on people knowing about you and your business.

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