What Gets Measured Gets Done: Monitoring Social Media Activity

One of the great benefits of Digital Marketing (DM) is that you can monitor and track your activity; and see the impact of what you do because of the direct correlation. However, when you are starting out on social media you are experimenting and curating content but not making time to monitor and track what’s working. Having a monthly check in will help you set basic yearly and monthly targets to keep you on your social media toes.

So, where can you go to find out what you need to know about your digital analytics? Although you can use social media reporting tools such as Hootsuite and Social Sprout for example, it is good to go back to source (the social media platforms itself) to get your DM digits.


1.       Twitter Analytics (analytics.twitter.com)is Twitter’s measuring tool for individual, weekly, monthly and customised dates for social media posts. Its free and enables you to track top monthly post and mentions, impressions, likes, retweets, comments, replies, engagement and new followers. A decent amount of data to see trends in what content is working and areas for development.


2.       Facebook Insightsprovides more than the top line figures that you see on a Facebook post. Listed in the  menu on the left-hand side of your Facebook page, when you click into it you will see a range of metrics that you can collect data on e.g., page views, likes, followers and so much more. You can customise the date you want your data for, but long-range data only covers 6 months at a time.


3.       Instagram Insights - is a tool that you can use on the Instagram app. It gives you top level data about your account: reached, engaged and total followers. As for individual posts you can select metrics on reach (how many people received your post), impressions (how many people viewed your post), comments, likes, post interactions, follows and also business address, email and call button taps.


4.       LinkedIn analytics  although you can gather data on likes and comments on individual posts, LinkedIn analytics for your company page can cut the data by visitors, updates (individual posts) followers and competitors. 


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