What do you want to create? Deciding what products and services to sell?

When you start out in business you normally start out with one or two products/services known as your ‘signatures’. However, at some point you are going to have to review the viability of these products/services in the market and/or think about adding to your current line.

However, where do you start? Creating products and services is that combination of your income goals, skills and work-style personality being aligned with what customers want. So, what do your customers want? This is where you have to listen AND ask.

What problems do your customers come to you with that you currently do not offer as a service or product? When you talk to customers what do they tell you could add value to their lives and/or their business?

Doing surveys, polls on social media and/or customer focus groups; and talking to your customer and industry networks are good ways to ascertain what is working (without throwing the baby out with the bath water). It will also  generate ideas for new products or services. Also, with whatever product or service you decide to take forward, you will have a group of fans that will be your early adopters; and you will be able to co-create with them to develop the beta version.

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Listen to the ‘Do it Scared Podcast’ episode titled ‘Getting Ruthed: Finding your focus where there is too much to do’ with Ruth Soukop. She coaches a woman on developing products and services for her business here.

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