We Can All Do with a Helping Hand

There are certain times of the year where the art and practice of giving to others is an integral part of that season eg. the Autumn harvest festival, Christmas and Easter is one of them. However, during the covid-19 epidemic we can all do with a helping hand.


Coronavirus has galvanised a community spirit in which for example, half a million people volunteered to help the NHS administer its services, people are shopping for elderly and vulnerable neighbours, chefs and restaurants are using their empty kitchens to prepare meals from donated food for those in need.  


In uncertain times we may not know who or where to turn to provide the information, advice and guidance to weather the storms and steady the ship. With business closures and livelihoods gone overnight what help is at hand to keep you and your business a float.


Here are 6 resources that could assist you the during Covid-19 pandemic:

1.     Business Support

If you are looking for updates on government policy and support for businesses and employers visit the website: businesssupport.gov.uk 

2.     IPSE

The Independent, Professional and Self Employed (IPSE) association were a key player in brokering the government’s business interruption package. With their coronavirus (covid-19) hub get the latest information, webinars and more for freelancers and small businesses.


3.     Enterprise Nation

Often asked for a ‘soundbite’ by the news media and press, this small but influential organisation is providing free advice and access to resources to support businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis.

4.    Federation for Small Business (FSB)

In response to coronavirus the FSB is providing small businesses and the self-employed with the latest news, free webinars, access to help, advice and resources for your business, employees and mental health.


5.     The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC)

The BCC has a ‘Coronavirus Support Hub’ and a ‘Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker’ to keep you up-to-date and support your business.

6.     Virgin Startup

With information on all the government packages and their own programme of business activities and support. If you are new to business or an early stage venture this maybe a good place to start.

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Happy Easter to you and yours!