Turning Passion into Purpose #checkMEupCampaign

It is International Women’s Day tomorrow and what a year it has been. Although we don’t need only one day in the calendar to celebrate , educate or inform on women issues and achievements, now more than ever women need a focal point in which to raise their issues and concerns for COVID has adversely affected women’s careers, lifestyles, health and caring responsibilities.

Even during turbulent times there is a ray of light.  Dafina Malovska, Cancer Survivor and Health Campaigner has made great strides with her #checkMEup campaign which advocates that all women should have free yearly gynaecological check-ups. Read an update to her story here and let’s continue to turn passion into purpose. Sign the petition! Happy International Women’s Day.


ENCORE : #checkMEup Campaign


1)     Tell me about your campaign?

I started a campaign for Yearly Gynaecological Check-Ups for all women in the UK from adolescence.

The aim of the campaign is that women get yearly preventative checks for all their reproductive organs to ensure and maintain good gynaecological health and contribute towards educating women about their bodies. The check-ups will also give girls and women a chance to openly discuss any gynaecological concerns with a specialist, in confidence, such as: periods, sex, contraception, fertility, pregnancy & menopause.


2)     When and why did you set it up?

I started it 2 years ago. After my personal experience with late womb cancer diagnosis at 35, I realised that women’s health in the UK is not taken seriously and urgent change is needed.


3)     How did you set up your campaign?

I started a petition on Change.org - petition website.


4)     What problems did you encounter? How did you overcome them?

I reached out to so many organisations and asked for their support. Only a few responded but not many showed support. That didn’t stop me, it only proved to me that there is so little understanding of this issue and gave me the push to work harder to change this. I was promoting the petition on my own through direct emails and on social media. Once I started getting support from medical professionals and influential people then organisations began to approach me to work with them.


5)     What 3 skills have you utilised and developed in setting up and running your campaign?

Since I got the drive to help other people & I realised that it is all in my hands if I want to make this happen, I became more confident, better at networking and I improved my public speaking skills.


6)     What 3 pieces of tech or resources could you not live without that help organise and manage your day/time? E.g. Iphone Cal, Safari, WhatsApp, Social Media

  • Iphone
  • MacBook
  • Instagram


7)     What have been the benefits to you in running your campaign?

I gained back my self-confidence. It showed me how capable I am to achieve something that I never thought was possible. I discovered so many strengths and capabilities about myself that I wasn’t aware of.


8)     What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Meeting up with MPs and gaining their support. Support from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Women’s Health. Also a live interview on BBC Radio 5 Live-Emma Barnett show.


9)     In hindsight, what one piece of advice do you wish someone gave you when you started out in your campaign?

Go out there and network with people you need before you start the campaign.


Want to find out more?


Please sign & share this petition for Yearly Gynecological check-ups for your sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, girlfriends and friends!

There is a real need to reduce late diagnoses of the five gynecological cancers & smash taboos in women’s health.  #checkMEup


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