The Ultimate Female Leader: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

As the nation comes together to mourn the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our thoughts and condolences are with the Royal Family. At a time of national grieving, we must also pay tribute to the ultimate female leader who dedicated  70 years of her life to outstanding service.

It has been said that the Queen had a way of being someone for everyone. So, in what ways was the Queen relatable that endeared her to our hearts?


1.       Purpose: When the Queen was 21 years old, she addressed the nation with her personal and professional manifesto on how she saw her role and how she would be of service. This has been a guiding light throughout her reign. It is this unwavering and unequivocal commitment that gave us the Queen we know and love.

2.       Perseverance: On the 40th anniversary of her succession the Queen gave a speech in which she talked about the year 1992 being her ‘annus horribilis’. The royal family were rocked by a number of scandals and there was a fire at Windsor castle. The Queen acknowledged her feelings about it and worked through them to find a way to carry on. Familial, personal and professional issues that people can relate to, empathize and learn from.

3.       People:  The Queen's enduring marriage to Philip and their devotion to each other, and family shows the importance of having the right support by your side. To love and be loved among family and/or friends matters in living a good life; and being able to become the best version of yourself.  

King Charles III’s address to the nation was so poignant and so moving when he spoke of his beloved mother. His concluding reference in wanting her to take her last journey with a flight of Angels was so touching and beautiful; and also a gentle reminder that when we meet our maker, we want to know in our hearts that we lived a  life and left a legacy that mattered.


May Her Majesty The Queen Rest in Peace


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