The Power of the Pause

Pause for thought now that’s a phrase we collective experienced during the pandemic’s lockdowns. However, as society opens up and we are learning to live with the virus, instead of colliding with life’s big events for the pause button to be pressed, how can we integrate ‘pause time’ into our busy lives? It can help us mull over an idea or sit with a course of action to intuitively tune in and feel are next business or life move.

Practices such as yoga and meditation are known for helping to quieten the mind and hasten the Eureka moments. However, just mindfully sitting still, going for a walk, exercising and having ‘play time’ can also have the same effect. Even though knowledge is power, and action brings about change, the bit in between are the thoughts to direct the action and visualise the game. 

So next time you feel the need to take action for speed, stop for pause of thought for your next best move.

Want to know more?

Why not tune out  by tuning into The Mindful Kind podcast episode ‘Meditation for Busy Minds’ with Rachael Kable here


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