The Power of One: Building your tribe and creating a vibe for success

When starting out in business the entrepreneurial joke is that our first customers tend to be the 3F’s: Family, Friends and Fools. However, jokes aside, there is something to be said about building on this foundation to create a community of people that not only supports you and your business/movement but also each other.

With the omnipresent COVID-19 in our midst businesses and social enterprises cannot be reliant on in person community events alone. Having a safe space online where friends, family and colleagues (when your business grows can expand to existing and potential new customers) can hang out, give advice, swap information and ideas is a win-win for all involved because you learn from each other and support one another.  

Deciding on your online channel of choice in which to host your tribe is dependent on what channel you are comfortable with, how often you will post, how much time you have and how easy it is for you to maintain your group. Facebook groups, email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn are the obvious choices.

However, when it comes to rules of play, remember that at the heart of building and maintaining a tribe are the 3E’s:

·  Empathize – with the business/personal problem that you or a member of your tribe is sharing;

·  Educate – about the product, service or advise that could be the solution and;

·  Empower – people to act by being supportive, inspirational and sign posting them to the resources that they may need to take the next step.


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