The Part-Time Entrepreneur: Working, Earning and Side Hustling at the Same Time

When we think  of entrepreneurs, we stereotypically think of a man who has left his job to pursue a business idea to start-up and scale up! However,  let me tell you ladies changing the face of entrepreneurship are women and millennials. We are witnessing a rise in ‘mumpreneurs’. ‘lifestyle entrepreneurs’ (fitting a business around time commitments and values); ‘10% Entrepreneurs' (4 days on a job +  1-day business) and the '5 to 9ers' (have a full-time job and an evening/weekend business).

In this coronavirus climate,  if you have a job that you enjoy or have to work as an employee full-time or part-time but need:

  • an additional income;
  • an outlet for your entrepreneurial spirit;
  • a plan for your next career move or;
  •  simply a creative outlet to pursue a passion, hobby or interest 

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds as a part-time entrepreneur.  To get you started the three things you need to consider are:  

1.       A business idea

2.       An audit of your time and availability for your part-time business

3.       A start up plan or road map on how you are going to manage your time, finances, resources and the people that you have commitments to (e.g. partner, children, elderly relatives and friends) so that you have their buy in, clear boundaries and pockets of time for your side business 

Want to know?

For business ideas, inspiration and a know how checklist on how to get started on a part-time business read Emma Jones ‘s (Founder of Enterprise Nation) book ’Working 5 to 9: How to Start a Successful Business in your Spare Time.’


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