The Gift of Entrepreneurship: 12 Days of Christmas with Women in Business Podcasters

Women lead busy lives. We juggle so many hats that finding the time to get out and meet other female entrepreneurs may be challenging at times. If you have small children and you want to network in the evening there is the issue of who is going babysit? How much is this going to cost? Also, once you are at the event, you feel like Cinderella and sense the pressure of time, for you know you cannot stay long because you must get back home to finish off the second shift.

What about taking a course? Another opportunity to meet fellow female entrepreneurs. If you are starting out there is the issue of cost. If you have children, there is the issue of time.  So, what is the happy half way house where you can connect with likeminded women and fill yourself up with the knowledge you need to start and develop a business?  

Welcome to the world of Podcasts!! You can listen while you are doing something else (as multi-taskers that plays to our strengths) and grow your mindset, as well as your business at the same time.

So, who are the #womeninbiz that are giving the gift of entrepreneurship to women of different ages and life-stages? Here are 12 women podcasters (yes think 12 Days of Christmas Ladies) that you may want to tune into over the holidays:


Have a business idea? Want to career change or step up?

1.       Don’t Keep your Day Job with Cathy Heller

The reigning queen of podcasts, Cathy Heller’s mission is to empower people to find their  purpose whether that be in business or another career. With a book currently out of the same name this should be on your Christmas present list.

2.       Switch Pivot or Quit with Ahyiana Angel

Don’t know whether to ‘switch, pivot or quit’ your current career? Having gone through her own switch, pivot, quit journey Ahyiana talks to a range of women who have done exactly this to inspire women to act and not feel that they are alone. For Ahyiana is on a mission to assist women in experiencing personal growth in adult life and business through life’s transitional periods.


Starting out in business but need the confidence to carry on?

3.       Do it Scared with Ruth Soukup

The only way to overcome fear and grow your confidence is to as Nike says, ‘Just Do It’.  Ruth interviews a range of people that help you start and grow your business. As she says,’ it’s time to face your fears, overcome adversity and create a life you love.’ Ruth also has a book of the same name so another one for the Christmas present list.

4.       Working Mother’s Mentor with Julie Finn

If you are a mumpreneur or senior corporate player and want hints and tips on how other working mums strive and thrive in business, look no further than the ‘Working Mother’s Mentor’ podcast with Julie Finn. Julie delves deep with interviews on ‘how does she does it’ by throwing light on how women manage big jobs and grow their business and career. 

5.       Bossing IT by Found and Flourish

From this side of the pond female entrepreneurs Lara Sheldrake and Frankie Cotton, founders of ‘Found and Flourish’ are on a mission to support, advise and inspire female entrepreneurs with their interviews on #Howshedidit and how they did it to grow a supportive community to help women in business thrive.


Business up and running and ready to take it to the next level?

6.       Levelling Up Creating Everything from Nothing with Natalie Jill

Fat loss expert turned high performance coach, Natalie Jill who built her own empire has taken on with gusto the mission on sharing how some of the worlds’ most successful people were able to level up and create everything from nothing.  With inspiring interviews from both male and female entrepreneurs she will leave you fired up to continue to create your own.  

7.       Happy Black Women with Rosetta Thurman

Are you a black woman that has set your online business goal and not achieved it? Mindset Coach and Business Mentor Rosetta Thurman is all about training and supporting you to have your best business year ever. With books, courses and free webinars Rosetta works on growing your mindset and sales and marketing techniques to get your business back on track and to the next level.  

8.       Mommy Millionaire with Cayla Craft

The queen of mumpreneurs and the six figure business Cayla Craft interviews every week other successful business women and men to help women flourish in their personal businesses and help them become shameless in pursing their ambitions.  

9.       Unstoppable Success Radio with Kelly Roach

Entrepreneur, mentor and business growth coach Kelly Roach helps you get the job done. With weekly episodes jam-packed with actionable strategies, powerful mindset shifts and key takeaways certain to help you breakthrough and accomplish just about anything.


Need to get your finances in shape to start, develop or grow your business?


10.   She’s on the Money with Molly Benjamin and Lisa Conway-Hughes

She’s on the Money is here to brighten up the pale stale world of finance and help you to get money savvy! She’s on the Money Founder, Molly Benjamin and leading financial planner Lisa Conway-Hughes aka Miss Lolly interview guests on a range of personal finance topics using jargon-free language helping listeners to understand the world of money and how they can take control of their financial futures!

11.   Clever Girls Know! with Bola Sokunbi founder of Clever Girl Finance

As a financial adviser and a woman that saved $100,000 dollars after graduating, Bola Sokunbi knows a thing or two about money. With her podcast and book of the same name Bola’s hints, tips, advice and case studies will help you save, get out of debt and invest in your personal and business future.


Want spiritual and mental health wellbeing as a you embark on your entrepreneurial journey?

12.   Oprah Super Soul Conversations with Oprah Winfrey

Technically not a business podcast but no female entrepreneur podcast list is complete without the ultimate woman in business, media mogul Oprah. The queen of personal development. To step into the role of entrepreneur and just be (i.e. not let imposter syndrome take root) your personal and spiritual wellbeing and values need to be aligned so that you can find and pursue your passion, purpose and potential. Super Soul Conversations is a podcast that can get you there.  With Oprah’s personally select interviews ‘all designed to light you up, guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self.’


Happy Christmas Ladies and Happy Listening!


Are you a women in business?  Do you have a start-up story that you would love to share? 

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