The Art of Negotiation: Business and Life not as Usual

With speculation on what life will be like post lockdown one thing is for sure, life is not as we know it.   Coronavirus has dramatically changed our lives and how we work. Some of it has been welcomed and other parts have caused untold stress and grief. With social norms being ripped up, the lockdown has given us the time to rethink and reimagine our lives.

When we come out of lockdown, if you have a job and a side hustle you may want to negotiate working from home to give you more flexibility and time. If you have a bricks and mortar business in preparing for the tentative steps to reopen, you may need to renegotiate T&Cs with suppliers to accommodate the ‘new normal’. Therefore, as women, how do we engage in the art of negotiation to create a life, career and business that we want?  

Natalie Eckhdahl, CEO of the business and podcast of the same name Biz Chix shared with her listeners her 5-step process on how women can go about negotiating what they need:


1.   Be clear on what your goal is. What do you want to achieve from the negotiation? What is the outcome you are looking for?

2.   Be clear about the goals of the other side.  This is where we need to be empathetic and walk in other people’s shoes to identify what they want to gain and what is in it for them

3.   Offer non-monetary benefits that the other side can say yes to.  To add value or provide as sweetener what could you offer that does not cost you or the other side money but would be of great benefit to them

4. Don’t be waded to the outcome.   If you do not get the result you want don’t take it personally. It might be no on this occasion but a yes on another. Believe in abundance

5. Evaluate the process and outcome.  In the spirit of continuous improvement, what did you learn and how could you do it better next time?


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Listen to the Biz Chix Podcast titled ‘ The Art of Feminine Negotiation’ with Natalie Eckdahl here.


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