The 1% Mindset: Setting Goals and Taking Action for the Long Haul

Even during these unprecedented times there are people experiencing business success due to a timely pivot, opportunity that they have spotted, gap in the market or a twist on an old product or idea that is presented as ‘new’. What may seem like an overnight success is actually what I call the ‘swan’ or ‘iceberg effect’. That is a lot of hard work and effort that has been put in over the years below the water surface that now bears fruit above the water as a beautiful iceberg or swan!

Kelly Roach founder of ‘The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show’ podcast talks about having a 1% mindset to be 1% earner. Doing what 99% of people won’t do to bring your vision/dream to reality over the long haul. She argues that one of the characteristics of people that fall into the 1% bracket is that they set long term goals. Not your standard corporate 2, 3 or 5 year plan but your 10 or 15 year plan!!

Pre-Covid that would be anathema to us. However, as we are in the midst of coronavirus and we do not know for how long, there is something to be said about paddling the ebb and flow of the entrepreneurship and surrendering to a longer journey as so much more is out of our control. Therefore, we will need to stop, take in the view and reassess the situation with the information that we have to make the informed next 'best' step or decision.

However, to realise long term goals you will also have to develop what Dr Carol Dweck calls a ‘Growth Mindset’ and attitudes and behaviours where you get comfortable with the uncomfortable in what John C. Maxwell calls ‘Failing Forward’. 


Both approaches require people to learn life's lessons and use that information to turn negative experiences into something positive to achieve business and/or life ambitions. They also argue that just because you don’t obtain success or mastery yet, that you can't persevere and use the feedback to improve and get better to fulfill your goals. In these difficult times we must all take comfort in that.


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‘Listen to Kelly Roach’s podcast episode ‘3 Ways to Propel to a 1% Mindset’ on The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show’.

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