Stories from the Frontline: Running a Small Business during Covid-19

Encore – Special Edition

We watch the news, we listen to the radio. However, what is it like to whether the storm and steady the ship of running a business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Founder and owner and friend of the blog, Daneika March of the homeware brand ‘March & Powell’ returns to give her story on what it is like on the business frontline during the coronavirus episode. She shares her insider information, advice and guidance and also has a FREE business AND Easter treat for you too.


1)     Since we last spoke what is new in your business?

Thanks for having me back again. Absolutely love your blog edits and seeing it reaching so many entrepreneurs.

The coronavirus have us all reaching new goals this spring and Easter Holidays. And so, I found it’s only fitting to help out my fellow entrepreneurs with free sessions on transferring their physical store to the online platforms. This includes building Esty, eBay or E-commence stores and lessons on how to maintain the up keep of the platforms through marketing and product management.

These free sessions will be live from 06/04/2020 and available for all businesses big or small.

2)     How has the Coronavirus pandemic affected your business?

The Covid-19  pandemic as definitely  affected the business progression; working with suppliers and other businesses. As a business owner you probably made a yearly plan and would action quarterly, but due to Covid -19 it’s a little harder to reach those plans and targets. However, it is also affected it in an unforeseen positive way. We take this time to get involved with our customers on social media, sharing stories on how we are doing, exercise routines, healthy eats and Easter promotions.

3)      How have you and your business adapted to the Coronavirus lockdown?

The best thing as a business to do at this time is keep going and ask your fellow entrepreneurs for advice. We have emailed all our customers updates regarding the situation – sharing government updates and staying positive and current on social media. As well as promotional offers to make shopping experiences easier and worthwhile.


4)     What are the benefits of having an online business?

The benefits of having an online business - global access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and more time to personalise each customer order. Delivering a great customer experience and journey from the store front to the basket to the parcel being delivered.


5)     Easter is normally a key season for you, what offers and promotions will you be doing this year?

Easter is traditionally my favourite season – being from the Caribbean Jamaica, on Easter we celebrate the season sharing food with family and friends. Easter Sweet bun is paired with all types of fish cooked several ways and the islands favourite Easter Bun. Delicious.


We have an offer Buy 1 get 1 Free and for the first time we are also giving away an Easter egg with any purchases made from the 31st March to 12th April. Delicious.


6)     What advice and/or support would you give aspiring entrepreneurs or existing small business owners during these uncertain economic times?


Keep going and this is the best time to pay your business all the attention it needs as well as your customers. Join your customers on social because they are at home like you either in the bed or on the sofa chilling on their phones.

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March & Powell is about creating bold surface pattern prints married with everyday homewares, producing something new, striking and an exciting fit for the home.


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