Step into Spring

Pinch punch the first of the month and you can’t repeat it back. It is the first day of spring and we are in the season where we spring clean our lives. With this renewed sense of purpose and the days getting lighter we are energised to our review our new year goals, change what is not working or switch direction altogether.

As women due to the ‘juggle struggle’ sometimes we don’t get the time to finish a cup of tea let alone time for self-reflection! However, with so many of the hats (wife, partner, mother, daughter, sister etc) that we wear it is so important that we do not lose sight of ourselves. We must give ourselves permission to pause, dream and/or get back on track to our vision or goal. For let’s face it ‘your worth it’ (to quote a well-known make up brand) but you need to believe that you are and what you want for your personal and business life is worth it.

So, whether you have just graduated, building your career, trying for a baby, are a parent, seasoned professional or retired, spring is a time of renewal and growth. So, dust down your diary, Moleskine notebook or whatever you like to write and start journaling to set and/or plan your life and goals.  To kick start your ‘dream big’ thinking you may want to take yourself through the ‘5W’ process:  

1.       Who do you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years’ time?

2.       Why is this important to you?

3.       What do you need to achieve this?

4.       Where and how will you achieve this?

5.       When will you achieve this by?  

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