Spring is in the Air

Pinch punch the first of the month. Spring is in the Air. This time of year is about renewal, lighter days and of course the opportunity to spring clean not just your home but also business, work and life.

Stepping into Spring gives us that feeling of renewed energy; and of the being able to sow the seeds to lay down the foundations of what we want to bear fruit, just like nature. However, to be able to do so we have to take all our hopes, dreams and aspirations out of our head and turn it to a manageable plan.  

Lisa Nichols, International Motivational Speaker and Coach advocates writing out everything that you want to achieve on paper, putting them into columns and assigning start and end dates to each activity within a 1, 3, 5 and/or 10-year time-frame. By stretching it out, it helps to manage feelings of overwhelm; and gives you bite-sized laser sharp focus within a given time period. 

By putting everything that we want to do on to paper ‘we can see what we want to receive’ and what is of value to us. Then, we need to integrate the habits and the ways of working ton who we are becoming and what we are working towards into our daily lives. So, go on take some action!