Someone Needs What You Know. Sharing your Knowledge with Others

We live in times where we are abundant with knowledge and information. To learn something new and quickly we don’t necessarily have to go back to school, acquire a qualification then implement, practise or teach it. At a click of a button the internet, YouTube, zoom, webinars and more can give us what we need by people who have been there done that and/or have this burning desire to serve and save people time in getting to their desired goal quicker.

Welcome to the world of the knowledge economy. This is a place where everyday people can monetize their magic and skills. It is partly fueling the rise in small and side businesses and could kick start yours too. So, if you want to start a small business but are stuck for ideas could one of these 4 areas unlock the door to your dreams:


1.       Your mess is your message

Have you overcome a great difficulty in your life that could help someone else solve the same problem? In having this first-hand personal experience your success in coming out the other side is someone’s answer to a solution. So don’t dismiss your life’s trials and tribulations has opportunities to help and serve others .


2.       Your Skills & Expertise

What skills and expertise do you use in your current and/or past jobs that light you up? Are there ones that you use as a hobby? Volunteer? This could lead to start-up success.


3.       Your Passion

Is there a topic, area of interest, way of working etc that you are passionate about?  How could you provide a solution to meet someone’s needs or fulfill their desires using your passion?


4.       You are a reporter

Do you love learning new things and sharing what you have learned with others? By reading and researching a topic, and becoming a SME (Subject Matter Expert) you can provide people with solutions to their given problem.


Want to know more?

Looking for some inspiration read the Intelligent Change guest article ‘Your Mess is Your Message’ by Cathy Heller here. 


Thinking about starting a side business?

The Business of Life is part of the 3Cs Digital brand whose vision and mission it is to inspire and empower women to start and grow successful small businesses with confidence.  

As well as the blog, The Business of Life is developing an online coaching programme called *5 Steps into Entrepreneurship: Side Business Start Up Success* for women over 40.

So, if you are a looking to diversify your work portfolio and income stream; and create more freedom, flexibility and financial income so that you are empowered to live a life full of passion, purpose and prosperity book a free 30-minute coaching call  to find out how to start your side business from the comfort of your own home.


Have a business already? Need support in starting and developing it online?

3Cs Digital is a web marketing service dedicated to helping women in business set up and develop their online presence. Through coaching or consultancy services in web design, copywriting and social media marketing 3Cs Digital equips women in business with the digital knowledge and skills to: create and design websites, find their brand voice and curate social media posts to attract their ideal customers to their small business website.