Partners in Business and Life

I was watching the Marie Curie (Polish French Physicist) film bio ‘Radioactive’ (as you do) and was struck on  how much her husband shaped her career. Now I know epic bios are hammed up with fiction to make them more appealing;  and she was working in the late 19th / early 20th century patriarchal Europe, you still have to give credit where it is due.


When this formidable scientist was kicked out of a lab due to the sexist behaviour of her male peers, her chance meeting with fellow scientist Pierre Curie led to him offering her the opportunity to work in his lab. Overtime, due to his persistence he forged a working relationship with her. The rest is history in regard to business, winning the Nobel Prize for Physics with her husband (him insisting she be awarded half of it) in 1903 and again in 1911 in her own right.


Theirs was a union in which their love of science (and eventually their love for each other) forged a scientific business career and the raising of two girls . By breaking the conventions in how they organised their lives as partners in business and life Marie was able to be a working mother.

The support of our partners, husbands and dads particularly at the early stages of our careers and entrepreneurial journey can be invaluable in making small steps turn into giant leaps. From taking on the childcare, chores and catering to give us the time and head space to get those business jobs done. Also, being that sounding board, wise counsel or fresh pair of eyes and ears on a career and business problem can make you feel that you are not alone and help maintain some sort of perspective as to what you are doing (more like trying to it figure it out) and why.


So, let’s give a cheer and celebrate not only on this one time of the year the amazing dads, husbands and partners enabling you to make your careers and entrepreneurial dreams come true.



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