One Year from Now

As we roll into the year and life gets busy, this is the time where the enthusiasm and energy for our New Year goals and aspirations may begin to wane or go off track.


Let’s face it as women we are wearing lots of different hats; and when we are not doing stuff, we are thinking about it thus, taking up head space!  However, when we look at the possibility of what our business, work and/or life could be one year from now we have to give ourselves grace.  

Setbacks, twists and turns and life getting in the way are inevitable. It is more important to be crystal clear on knowing what you want, then hung up on how you are going to get there and when. 

Starting and taking consistent action however big or small will keep us moving forward; and the universe will either affirm or course correct our path. If it is the latter then take it as an opportunity to rest, rethink and redirect.  

At the end of the year when you look back, isn’t it better to have done something than nothing to move you closer to yours goals? Action is the antidote to confidence. So, go on let those small consistent steps lead to giant leaps and have faith in the process, your skills and intuition to guide you. In short, don’t wish for it, work for it’.


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