New Year 2021: Managing the ‘Home Front’ during #Lockdown3

It’s 2021 and here we are again. Same place , different name. Welcome to #Lockdown3 and Happy New Year. With the ‘R’ number rising and the new variant of COVID-19 spreading fast, the key message is ‘Stay at Home’.  These three little words for most women means doing more on the ‘home front’.

Traditionally, the New Year is about setting goals and planning out a path for your social, personal and economic development. However, where is the time and head space to reflect, review and reset when the New Year has presented you with a Lockdown?  School and business closures along with shielding has resulted in more: home schooling, domestic chores, childcare, looking after elderly relatives on top of the day job or other commitments.  

With the multiple demands on your time and energy, what can you do on daily basis to get some sense of wellbeing and control over your day? To get back to and focus on ‘VIP Me’ how can you manage stress and time to calm the waters, get into a routine and delegate tasks?

Rachael Kable, founder of The Mindful Kind podcast suggests developing and exercising a daily stress management plan.  A snapshot of the plan basically involves injecting more joy and gratitude into your day. For example:

  • Taking five deep breaths and relax your body
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Eating lunch mindfully
  • Spending time or doing things with people that make you happy
  • Practice gratitude by writing 3 things that you are grateful for
  • Do a body scan (listen to episode 150 of her podcast)

  Want to know more?

Listen to The Mindful Kind podcast episode ‘262// A Daily Stress Management Plan’ and then download the full daily management stress plan on the same page.    Are you a woman in business?

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Happy New Year to You and Yours.

May 2021 Bring you Passion, Purpose and Prosperity!