Morning Routines: Starting your Day Right

As a business owner and/or working parent there are times when you feel that aren’t enough hours in the day. Also, once you get passed a certain point in the morning your time is not your own, for you have to deal with multiple demands.

That is why having a morning routine that includes ‘me time’ makes you feel that the start of the day is focused on you and your goals. It does not have to be an inordinately amount of time. Even 15 or 30 mins every morning compounded overtime can turn small steps into giant leaps.

So, what four  ‘morning me time’ routines could you do to move the needle to start or grow your small business? 

1. Journal – getting what is inside your head onto paper is a great way to note down intuitive thoughts, process ideas, work through decisions and gain clarity on the actions you need to take.  Getting into the habit of writing down what’s on your mind, on your heart or working through a problem that needs sorting out can be the visual prop and cue you need to take your next best step. 

2. Visualisation – whether its guided meditation, reading affirmations, developing an attitude for gratitude and/or crafting a vision board – visualising your future-self can help you keep your eyes on the prize.  

3. Read or listen to a book/ podcast – reading 2 pages or a chapter  or listening to a business, personal development, biography book or podcast is equally important when starting or developing your business. In entrepreneurship there is a saying ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’. However, when you don’t know develop the habit to find out. Being curious and a life-long learner is part of the entrepreneurial journey.  

4. Draft Content – writing content into your smartphone – be it social media or for an email and then saving it in draft means you have started the process and over time it will get done. So ,if you are procrastinating, set the timer and watch what you can achieve in the ‘power half an hour’. 

Want to know more?

Learn how to journal and tune into your intuitive thoughts with Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages here 

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