Mindset Shifts for Business and Life

We are getting into the #BacktoSchool season and getting ready for the Autumn term is not only about getting resource fit, but also getting mentally fit. Learning something new, just like the entrepreneurial journey is not a straight line it is a squiggle. We progress one step forward, then go two steps back; and then at times we make giant leaps.

Kelly Roach, Coach and Founder of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show in her podcast episode, proposes that in situations like these we need to make mindset shifts to navigate the ups and downs of business and life. So, what are the key takeaways:


1. Remember it didn’t happen to you, it happened for you. Have there been times in your life when something did not work out as planned, but when you look back it was a blessing in disguise? Why, because God (or if you are a non- believer the universe) was setting you up for something better. There are times in life when the block or fork in the road is shouting out to you ‘redirection’. Learn the lesson so that you take a different path and get to where you are ‘destined’ to go.


2. Be open to more than one route or option to get to where you want to go – when do you know when to keep persevering down a given path and when to pivot? Mmm now that is a tricky one, but one many entrepreneurs face, because a well-timed pivot could be the change of direction  your business needs to take off. What is the market telling you? What are your customers telling you? More importantly, what is your intuition telling you? Meditating, journaling, quiet ‘me’ time are opportunities to tune into yourself to identify the next best step.


3. Surrender to a higher plan – easier said than done right?. However, as one of my favourite quotes says: ‘doubt sees the obstacles, faith sees the way’. When we start our entrepreneurial journeys, we want to see the whole plan. The reality is that it is unfolding because action gives us the next piece of the jigsaw puzzle, then another and then another.  Yes, imperfect, uncomfortable but consistent action. So, remember, as Rumi says : As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.


Want to know more?

Listen to the podcast episode *3 Mindset Shifts That Will Welcome Miracles* from Kelly Roach’s Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show here

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