Mid-Year Review: Making Time for What Matters

It’s the middle of the year and summer is here . Time to make hay yay! However, when it’s light and bright there are so many distractions. People to see and places to be. How do we fit it all in along with business, work and/or family life?


Mid-year is a good point to take stock, reset and make time for what matters in your life. As women we like to say yes before, we say no and then we find we have more than our fair share on our already overloaded wobbly plate.  


If things are out of kilter and you feel overwhelmed Yasmine Cheyenne a boundaries and self-care educator advocates using the power of the word No. She argues that ‘you have to respect your own boundaries for others to respect yours’ ; and that caring for yourself helps you show up better for business.


Yasmine also recognises that you can get burned out doing something that you love. As heart-centred female careerists and entrepreneurs in which ‘giving’ is synonymous with wanting to make an impact that can ring true.


So next time you feel ‘obliged’ ‘obligated’ or ‘cajoled’ to do something that does not meet your priorities (including taking time out to look after yourself) let’s take a leaf out of men’s book  and just say a guilt free no to make space for what we truly desire.  


Want to know more? 

Listen to Suneeta Madhani’s CEO School Podcast Episode ‘Yasmine Cheyenne: Setting Boundaries and Making Space for What We Truly Desire’ here


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