Making Decisions from the Inside Out

With the busyness of life and wearing lots of hats the goal for many women is to get the day done by ticking off the to do list. Day in, day out we are attending to lots of needs. Some are done on auto- pilot, some are reactive, and some are completed out of habit. However, if we were to look back on the week, how much of that time has been spent on you and what you want?


Linda, I hear you say I don’t know what I want, and I don’t even have the time to find out.  Well, this is where the ‘Power Half an Hour’ comes into play. Whether you are a morning or evening person, taking half an hour out of each day to tune into what you and your business and life need can turn small steps into giant leaps.


Julia Cameron, advocate of ‘Morning Pages’ argues that we can tune into our intuition (also known as higher self, voice of God etc) by writing our stream of conscience early in the morning when we are relaxed and not distracted by the chores and activities of the day. Having head-space is key to be able to pick up on those intuitive thoughts, feelings and whispers.

 If writing is not your bag you could record your thoughts into your phone or laptop and have an audio or video diary. Either way finding the time to document/ record your thoughts allows you to pick up on patterns and themes that are clues to your hopes and dreams.


Want to know more?

To get ideas on how to tune into your intuitive thoughts and document them find out more about Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages here 


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