Living a Life of Service : What Can Entrepreneurs Learn from the Queen’s 70 Year Reign?

As the nation gears up to celebrate the platinum jubilee this week, we will be reflecting on the Queen’s 70-year reign. However,  as business owners, innovators and/ or creators, what 3 things can entrepreneurs learn from the Queen’s long life of service?

1.       Purpose: When the Queen was 21 years old, she addressed the nation with her personal and professional manifesto on how she saw her role and how she would be of service. This has been a guiding light throughout her reign. The entrepreneurial equivalent of this is a business owner’s vision and mission statement that set’s out the purpose of the business publicly. However, privately it is also important to know your ‘why’ i.e., your own personal reasons for being in business and the impact you want to make to get you through the highs and lows.

2.       Perseverance: On the 40th anniversary of her succession the Queen gave a speech in which she talked about the year 1992 being her ‘annus horribilis’. The royal family were rocked by a number of scandals and there was a fire at Windsor castle. The Queen acknowledged her feelings about it and worked through them to find a way to carry on. A mindset shift and dose of resilience entrepreneurs can learn from as the journey (i.e., think marathon not sprint) is littered with setbacks, roadblocks, unexpected twists and turns and pivots.

3.       People:  The Queens enduring marriage to Philip and their devotion to each other, and family shows the importance of having the right support by your side. Whether it be family, friends, colleagues and/or other entrepreneurs cultivating a personal and professional team around you is key to creating and sustaining your success.

*Happy Jubilee!*

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