Lift and Climb: The Collective Responsibility that can Benefit All

Entrepreneurship starts with the vision and mission of a founder or founders.  In developing the courage, confidence and competence to start and grow  a business, so does the responsibility to oneself and others. 99% of businesses in the UK are small to medium sized enterprises. They are the engine drivers of the economy who can create wealth, opportunities and jobs for themselves, their families and other people too.


What the recent events in America have shown is how a society can fail individuals like George Floyd economically (no meaningful and productive routes to quality education, employment and entrepreneurship education),  politically (by not honouring and respecting his human rights) and familial (for now a family is left without a father, husband and son).


So how can entrepreneurs play their part in making a positive difference to the lives of others that can also be for the benefit of all in society? For example, in the UK the company Timpson’s gives people second chances by employing ex-offenders. The Princes’ Trust runs entrepreneurship programmes with business owners acting as business coaches and mentors for young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). Founders4Schools connects business leaders with educators to inspire students and widen their career knowledge, prospects and the avenues that they can take to build a career.

As the vanguards of potential wealth creation and employment/business opportunities, business owners must ask themselves how they can lift others up as they climb the entrepreneurial/career ladder to positions of influence and leadership. For through their business, knowledge and/or experience they too can give others the dignity to take social and economic control of their lives.

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