Let them work together: The Complimentary Activities of Social Media

When starting out in business most small businesses start off on social media and some conduct their entire business on these social channels. However, although it is the easiest and quickest way for a small business to have an online presence, as your business grows and develops you will want to expand your reach and have a central  hub for your digital marketing activity. This is what a website can do for you.  So, what then becomes the role of social media for business.

Paid social media posts are a great way to launch your new website once it is up and running. Facebook paid advertising lends itself well to this for you can do cost-effective advertising that you can tailor to a specific demographic audience.

Organic twitter posts are a great way to announce new products, services and news about your business and in using short web links by bit ly or tiny url for example, you can drive traffic to your small business website.

As pictures can say a thousand words, you can use Instagram to tell stories about yourself, clients and new product development for example.  By putting clickable web links in the bio (buffer for business allows you to do this) you can pique people’s design and pictorial interests to want to find out more by visiting your website.  

So, when thinking  about ideas to curate posts to launch or drive traffic to your small business website think the 3C’s:

·       Campaigns;

·       Client testimonials and;

·       Content to help, inspire and advise


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