It’s Better Done Than Perfect

The Easter holidays are here, and although  it is a different kind of juggle, we do  get a breather from the school routine. With a good 2 or 3 weeks in front of us we will be able to catch up on life admin; and get round to those business and life jobs that we have been putting off.  

Procrastination over doing something that is new, or we are not familiar with is something we have all experienced.  However, what of its sister in crime perfectionism? Another way to delay the inevitable. They can often work hand in hand and can rob us of the very things we want to achieve. For example, some women use perfectionism as a delaying tactic to publish a curated social media post, blog article or even their website! In my experience, the issue is not often content creation. It is the fear of being judged that stops them in their tracks.  

In business seeking perfectionism leads to delays which costs everybody involved time and money. Time could be spent making money elsewhere. Also, money being left on the table metaphorically because no one is aware of their products and services because they are delaying doing the online marketing.

In this digital age we have to get comfortable with  ‘failing fast and failing forward.’ Digital is not like print in which it is ‘one and done.’ We have the option to edit, delete or iterate because what we put out (yes, we do know of examples of embarrassing digital footprints, but they are the more the exception than the rule). The best way to learn is to get in action so don’t be afraid to release a draft, beta, MPV or prototype version. It is better to do something than nothing because the feedback and practice will help as improve.

So, when it comes to starting or developing your business online #juststart 

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