Iterate and Innovate – taking your business to the next level

If you have a service-based business in working with your clients you have probably come up against certain problems, patterns and processes that you need to help your clients get through. For example, as a web designer I take clients through a website audit process to generate content ideas; and provide a copywriting toolkit to give them a framework for writing web copy.

Could you share your tools, tips and tricks with a wider audience in a format (e.g., online courses, digital PDFs, how to videos,  templates etc) that is accessible and complements what your business is known for?

 If so, how do you identify, iterate and innovate new products? Here are three questions to help you uncover:

1.       What would you like clients to know and understand about your service subject matter that would further their knowledge and/or technical know-how in working with you?

2.       Are there frequently asked questions that you could package up into a product that you could share with clients and a wider audience?

3.       Are there common mistakes that you’ve seen clients (or others) make before and during working with you that if presented as a product solution could smooth the process?

These three questions are starting points to what could be a new and exciting line of business for you.

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