If Not You, Then Who? 4 Things You Can Do to Get Over your Fear and Start-Up Anyway

Somebody once said that everything you want is on the other side of fear. However, how do you manage the False. Evidence. Appearing. Real showing up as: What Ifs, Buts and Worst-Case Scenarios when you are thinking about starting a side hustle or small business.

Often women do not feel qualified to start a business. However, everything is figureoutable. We are living in times where people are learning from those that are just a couple of steps  head of them or their experience in solving or managing a problem/challenge makes them qualified.

In the knowledge economy, what you have to offer, somebody needs so if not you, then who? What are the 4 things that you could do to get over your fear and start up anyway?


1.       Read inspirational biographies of women who have started up and/or running businesses. Getting the inside scoop on how someone else managed their money, mindset and multiple demands on their time can show you what is possible.

2.       Multitask while you listen to a business podcast. From Cathy Heller to Oprah to Carrie Green there is a podcast to help you shift your mindset or practically start and grow a small business.

3.       Plug into a business community. Meeting up in person may take a while but you can still do so online with organisations like FEA, The Thrive Community, FSB, IPSE and more.

4.       Hire a business coach. Sometimes, we need the time, head space and a helping hand to get us to belief in our dreams and goals and get us focused. A business coach can take you through the practical steps of setting up a business and help you get out of your own way by holding you accountable to get the job so that your life and business moves along.


Want to know more?

Why  not read Coach & Writer Susie Moore’s book *What If It Does Work Out? How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life* here.


Thinking about starting a side business?

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