How to Stay Healthy While You Work

COVID-19 has put health and wellness at the forefront of our minds. With competing demands on our time especially for women, what are the simple ways that we can look after our health that is sustainable and can withstand any major disruption?  Kelly Roach founder of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show podcast argues that you can stay healthy during the working day. Here are 5 ways how:  


1. Standing or raised desk. Look after your physical and back health with a standing or raised desk. The former allows you to move or exercise while the latter allows you to sustain good posture for your back, shoulders and neck.


2.   Walk and Talk while you take a call. Getting a good set of cordless headphones or buds will enable you to multi-task while you take a work call. So going for walk, walking around the house or tidying up are opportunities to get your body moving while you work.


3Drink Water. Fill up a  big water bottle in the morning, to keep your brain and body hydrated to stay alert throughout the working day. Adding a slice of lemon can also give you the oxidants and minerals you need to help you burn fat.


4.  Exercise bursting. Finding the time to exercise is a major issue for a lot of people. Incremental periods of exercise (e.g., 5-10 minutes) throughout day like jumping jacks, press ups, sit ups etc breaks up the routine of sitting at a desk; are just as effective as long exercise sessions; and you are more likely to stick to these short bursts of exercise. 


5. Intentional Eating. Eat and drink foods throughout the day that will fuel your brain and body so that you have the energy and alertness to deal with the demands of your professional and personal life.


Want to know more?

Listen to Kelly Roach’s Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show podcast episode 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Work here.


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