Goal Setting with the BE-DO-HAVE Model

It is January but not as we know it.  Despite COVID-19 people still want to find a way to keep their dreams and goals alive. After,  Christmas when people have had the time to relax and reflect, they may want to set their life on a different course and COVID may have also heightened this feeling . Therefore, setting goals and making plans becomes a key objective.

However, when it comes to setting and implementing goals most people tend to start from, I need to HAVE this (the right conditions or set up) then I need to DO that (action) in order to BE this (e.g. a Small Business Owner). However, Stephen Covey the author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People advocated the BE-DO-HAVE model in his book.  What is it? How do you put it into practice?

To become the person that you want to be, it requires a mindset shift. The mind needs to ‘see’ what you want to be, so you can attract it to you by putting it out in the universe through your aligned thoughts and actions.

So, for example, say your goal is to be a female entrepreneur. The founder and owner of a small business.

First step:

1.  Who do I need to BE to accomplish this goal?

  • Visualise in vivid and descriptive detail what it would be like to small business owner. Where and how will you be working? What will you be selling? Who are your customers? Dream and play with your imagination as if you have achieved this. This is your vision.
  • Write down your vision and don’t miss anything out so that you have a clear and full detailed description
  • Now turn your dream/goals into 3 or 4 written affirmations


Second Step:

2. What do I need to DO to accomplish this goal?

  • Put your affirmations in a place where you can see and read them every day. This will then embed your affirmations into your brain and mindset, as your brain can’t tell the difference between your current reality and future self. Therefore, it thinks you have achieved the things you want already
  • Take steps and actions in alignment with who you want to become i.e. a female entrepreneur. Actions generate an energy that get put out into the universe


Third Step:

3 .What do I need to HAVE to accomplish this goal?

  • As you take consistent aligned actions and steps towards your affirmation goals, the universe will bring to you the people, knowledge, thoughts (incl. intuitive) and resources that you need to achieve your goals. This is known as the Law of Attraction. So, through your imagination (vision), thoughts and actions you have manifested your new reality as a female entrepreneur.

So, how do you write affirmations to help you manifest your goals?

In 3 parts:

  • Write them in the first person and as if you have achieved them
  • Write them using positive / energy enhancing language
  • Practice non-attachment by having an open statement at the end

An example:  

1.     I am…. a successful small business owner. I am on a mission to help XXX [what’s the transformation for the customer]

2.     I enjoy…. I love… working as a female entrepreneur because I can… [ideal work style, customer, product, service etc]

3.     This or something better is manifesting itself for the good of all concerned.


Want to know more?

To find out more about the BE-DO-HAVE model you can buy a copy of Stephen Covey’s book:       ' *7 Habits of Highly Effective People* here.

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