From Dreamer to Visionary

Lockdown gave us the opportunity to rest and/or reflect on our lives and careers. That business idea or pivot that started percolating during those quiet times may still be knocking at your door to this day. However, as the sound gets louder how do you find the courage to open the door, invite the idea in and turn it into a business or pivot that you have only at this stage imagined in your head?


Carrie Green,  Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association has a 6-phase framework for building a successful business. This stepped approach can take you from idea to up running and thriving as you walk though and act in the following phases. Even if you are looking to pivot, this framework can be useful in giving you structure and a process to follow.

So, let’s start and dive in:


1.   Dreamer

Let your imagine be free to dream with no limits and listen to your intuition and hunches as to what you want to bring to fruition. This is the phase where you must do the inner work to give yourself the courage, confidence and permission to say this is what I want, I can do this and will do this.


2.   Starter

Step into your new idea and identity by taking action. As Nike says ‘Just do it’ for it is consistent action that builds confidence and not the other way around. As Susan Jeffers book says ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway and Ruth Soukup’s book ‘Do It Scared’ pertain to.


3.   Hustler

Let the world know you are open for business online and offline. Get visible and get known for who you are, your idea and what you have to share. Leverage the power of your website, social media, email marketing, networking and more to get the message out.


4.   Grower

Now that you are up and running this phase is about experimenting with your business model. In short, how is your business idea/pivot going to make money? What products and/or services are you going to sell?


5.   Scaler

With proof of concept - a business model that is making money you may want to move from being a solopreneur to having a virtual or in-person team. To build out you will need build within i.e. put in place systems and operations that will enable your business to scale.


6.   Visionary

As the CEO/Director of your business this is the phase where you have set your business up so that you can 'work on the business' and not 'in the business'. You are now freed up to come up with strategies and blue sky thinking to grow and evolve your business.


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