Drop the Ball: Why Less is More?

The Autumn term is rolling on. Although September is the new January in resetting and setting goals, with the busyness of life where is the time to fit it all in! In a recent podcast episode with Tori Dunlop (Financial Feminist) fame, Tiffany Dufu argues that women from a young age are conditioned to take on more for less e.g. housework, raising children, work and/or unpaid labour. If women are to make space for their own hopes and dreams, then they need to let go of these expectations and find freedom in dropping the ball aka roles that do not serve us.

As a working mother Tiffany found it hard to juggle motherhood, work, partner and the second shift (housekeeping, homework etc) and the emotional support that goes with it.   She took stock and did an inventory of her life by writing down all the roles that she did in and outside of the home and did what I call the 3D’s:

  • Do (keep the role),
  • Delegate (assign the role to family, friends, partner or home help etc)
  • Delete (no longer do the role)

By looking at everything in the round Tiffany identified what she can do and more importantly what she cannot or does not want to do so that she can focus on things that bring her joy and are of value to her.

By dropping the ball on somethings, we can make room for others and laser focus on things and goals that are important to us. Particular in regard to the latter where taking small consistent steps can lead to giant leaps.


Want to know more?

Read the book *Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less* by Tiffany Dufu. Find out more here


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