Coming out of Lockdown and Relaunching your Business

With the introduction of the government's ‘eat out to help out’ scheme to revitalize the hospitality sector it really hits home the message how important it is for businesses coming out of Lockdown to not only let customers know that they are open; but to also incentivize and reassure  them to ‘Shop and Spend’ safely.  

Therefore, just opening your doors to the public is not enough. You will have to relaunch your business to operate in the ‘new normal’. So, what tools and resources do small business shop and service owners have at their disposal to give them a helping hand?                                                

Here is a 5-point COVID marketing plan that you may want to consider:


1.       C  is for customer – Put yourself in your customers shoes. Get a sense of what they are feeling and what their specific concerns and needs are. You may want to conduct a survey or poll to gather this information. With this baseline data you can then implement the 3R’s: 

a). READ - government and local council guidance on how you should be operating your business safely.


b). REASSURE – your customers that you are operating safely and put this information on your website, social media, signage, terms and conditions, leaflets and other online/offline marketing tools


c). REWARD – customers for their loyalty and for buying from you with incentives such as discounts, deals, loyalty schemes etc


2.       O is for Operations – Map out the customer journey and implement government guidance to ensure you have the 3P’s:  POLICIES, PROCEDURES and PROCESSES in place to assure the health and safety of your staff and customers and communicate this to key stakeholders. 


3.       V is for Validation – Monitor and track your messaging and marketing to find out what is working for your business with e.g. Google Analytics, coupon codes, how did you hear of us and customer satisfaction surveys etc. Also, collect and share customer reviews and testimonials for peer referencing and customer reassurance. 


4.       I is for Innovation – network with other small business owners to get ideas and see what they are doing to bounce back from COVID-19. Now more than ever owners need to be part of business communities to help kick-start their recovery and sustain longevity.


5.       D is for Double Down – whatever is working in your business marketing do more of it. However, in these unprecedented times do keep an eye on the changing landscape and adapt your marketing and messaging accordingly.

Want to know more?

Read the government guidance on ‘Reopening your business safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)?’ here.


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