Business or Hobby? What to Take Forward to Monetize your Magic

During the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, people got the chance to re-engage with or take up new passions and interests.  Baking, sewing, knitting and painting  to name a few became very popular past times with sells of associated resources going through the roof. If a neighbour complimented the freshly baked cookies you left on their doorstep, a friend liked an outfit on Instagram that you sewed or a colleague commissioned you do a painting as birthday present, could what you have started as a hobby turn into a business? Would you want it to?


Well, here are 5A questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about turning a hobby into a business. 

1.        Are you dreaming of a lifestyle and/or way of working that a business could one day help make a reality?  What's your why?  

2.       Are you motivated and passionate enough to want to see your product/service meet the needs of a particular target  audience?  What’s the vision? What’s the mission?

3.       Are you willing to produce your product/service on a bigger scale? A hobby you can pick up and put down when you want but a business requires you to take consistent daily action.

4.       Are you prepared to learn and develop business, marketing, sales and digital skills to set up and grow your business?

5.       Are you financially ready to invest in a business? You do not need a lot of money to start a business nowadays unless you go for a bricks and mortar business or a product that requires a lot of R&D. However, apart from start-up costs, could you consistently invest in your development, IT and resources to produce your product or service?  


Want to know more?

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