Building your Business from the Inside Out: Setting Up Systems and Processes

Building a business is also an exercise in building an organisation. It requires you to set up and develop the systems and process needed to run your business.  Although as an early-stage entrepreneur you may be starting out as a one-woman band, you will still need to spend your time and develop your skills in the following four key business functions:


1. Operations

Operational activities are the backend of your business. For example business planning, project management, email management, meeting management, website maintenance and more. It is these systems and procedure that help you take care of the day-to-day. 


2. Sales and Marketing

These are the activities that you do to connect with, capture their details and convert ideal clients. This is about the systems and processes that support the customer journey for example, advertising for awareness, content marketing for consideration and email marketing for conversion.


3. Finance

What you do to manage your business finances requires you to have systems and procedures in place so that you can do your accounting, bookkeeping, supplier payouts, self-assessment and more.


4. IT

From your network supplier to the platforms that you use to run your business getting with the tech is key. Especially now that the pandemic has made being online a necessity to do business and as well as sell your goods and services. Using and keeping up-to-date and on top of your IT systems not only saves you and your business time, money and space, it can help you to grow your business by adopting the right system(s) at the right time.


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