Books for Health, Wealth and Happiness 2023

We are on the Christmas countdown and considering gifts that we would like to receive and buy ( You may consider getting books to read over the holidays as you will have to rest, relax and recover; and have the headspace to think about your goals and plans for 2023.

So, as we are in the season of wishing people health, wealth and happiness for the fast-approaching year, here are three books in each category to put you and/or your family in the zone and frame of mind for the year ahead:



1.Drop the Ball – Tiffany Dufu

This book is about one women’s journey to protect her mental health and create happiness by carving out a life to do the things that she enjoys, loves and pursue work with purpose. Tiffany talks candidly about the frustrations and resentments that can build up being a working mother. The ‘struggle, juggle’ and emotional labour that women take on at home and work means that women can see and feel that they are not so ‘free’ as their male partners to exercise their choices and have more joy in their life. Tiffany talks us through the emotional roller coaster of a women trying to do it all; and then decides to drop the ball and rope in partner more to step up, so she can step down on the home front to pursue more of the things that she loves.    

2. Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: The Complete Guide To Women's Health And Wellbeing – Dr Christine Northrup

This classic ground-breaking book on women’s health has now been updated. Dr Northrup explains the workings of the female body in an accessible and intimate way and guides women through a comprehensive list of women's conditions and concerns, from fibroids and menstruation to pregnancy, hysterectomy and the menopause. She also shows women how to heal yourself by listening to your body's own wisdom or intuition. Filled with dramatic case histories, it is contemporary medicine at its best, combining new technologies with natural remedies and the body's own miraculous healing powers. 

3. The Natural Health Bible for Women: The Complete Guide for Women of All Ages

Dr Marilyn Glenville PHD is an international authority on women’s health and fertility through the ages and life-stages. Her book shows how women can use nutrition, lifestyle and natural therapies to keep themselves fit and well. It provides the answers to the questions that women commonly (or occasionally) ask about their bodies and physiology - why things happen to them specifically, and what they can do to fix them.



1.       Clever Girl Finance – Bola Sokumbi

With a book and podcast of the same name, Bola means business when it comes to ditching debt, saving money and building real wealth. Bola draws on her personal money mistakes and financial redemption to educate and empower women on their journey to financial freedom  

2.       Think Like a Breadwinner – Jennifer Barrett

 I stumbled across this book when I listened to a podcast in which Jennifer was dropping pearls of wisdom on how your spending can take you further away from your goals; and how your savings can bring you closer to them. She really brings home the message that women should not survive but strive towards creating wealth, through spending less, earning more, saving and so that you and your family and future families to come can thrive.    

3.       Redefine Wealth for Yourself – Patrice Washington

Patrice Washington takes the 19th century definition of wealth that see it than more than money and material things; and through her books, podcast and coaching programmes takes women through the Six Pillars of wealth to live their life’s purpose: Fit, People, Space, Faith, Work and Money.



1.       No Matter What – Lisa Nichols

The international business, life and career coach supreme Lisa Nichols provides a 9-step programme ‘to living the life you want’ in her ground-breaking  book ‘No Matter What’. Known as the comeback queen Lisa shares her own experiences and professional coaching insights to help you navigate life; and take essential actions to achieve the successful and fulfilling life that you want.  

2.       Dump the Baggage – Kate Megase

Psychotherapist, author and life coach Kate Megase describes how our attachments from childhood can influence our relationships both in our personal and professional lives.  When we have poor self-esteem, it can affect our choices in life and can trigger core negative beliefs of not being good enough.  Dump the Baggage is her book that  will show you how to improve your self-esteem and let go of your past negative experiences so that your past experiences do not affect your future. Each chapter has an action plan to help you make life changes that will improve your relationship with yourself and others. 

3.       The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow your Passion  – Elle Luna

There are two paths in life: Should & Must. We arrive at this crossroads over and over again, and every day. And we get to choose. Starting out or starting over, making a career change or making a life change, the most life-affirming thing you can do is to honour the voice inside that says you have something special to give, and then heed the call and act. Many have travelled this road before. Elle shows you how you can, too. #choosemust. A fitting gift for the new year.


Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours health, wealth and happiness for 2023 

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