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When you start out in business you are armed with the vision in your head and the passion in your heart. Even though it has become more acceptable to start a business or a side hustle the conventional wisdom is still to pursue the 2E’s (education and employment) first in order to make a living. Entrepreneurship may come about through accident or design after these two.


So, when you tell people that you are thinking about or are starting a business you may be faced with mixed reactions. When I started my first business in educational consultancy,  professional colleagues had sparked and supported the idea. My mum gave me unconditional support, while my stepdad who was concerned about me taking the risk (even though he had his own side business) later admitted to me that he was proud that I took the leap of faith.


Ruth Soukup in her book 'How to Blog for Profit (without selling your soul)' tells the story of how her husband Chuck told her that her idea of launching a blog so that he could quit his job was ‘…the stupidest thing you’ve ever said’ (Soukup 2020 p.25). However, he soon got on board and supported her and their children. Within a few years of Ruth becoming a professional blogger, you know what? Yes, you guessed it he was able to walk away from the job he hated and become a stay-at-home dad!

The support of our dads, husbands and partners particularly at the early stages of our entrepreneurial journey can be invaluable in making small steps turn into giant leaps. From taking on the childcare, chores and catering to give us the time and head space to get those business jobs done. Also, being that sounding board, wise counsel or fresh pair of eyes and ears on a business problem can make you feel that you are not alone and help maintain some sort of perspective as to what you are doing (more like trying to it figure it out) and why.

So, let’s give a cheer and celebrate not only on this one time of the year the amazing dads, husbands and partners enabling you to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.



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If you are a women in business or a partner of one and want some A-Z ideas on how best to support and facilitate the business journey take a look at Lesley Hetherington’s e-book ‘How to Support the Entrepreneur in your Family’ here


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